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Are you ready to Benefit from a Healthy Lifestyle and Flourish?

If you answered yes, I invite you to learn more about my programs.  

Discover which health coaching program best fits your needs!

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Hi, I’m Brandi!

Owner of Benevolent Heart Fit, Certified Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, & Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Along my journey to health and wellness, I've suffered from uterine fibroids, hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure, and at one point was on the cusp of pre-diabetes. Although I was an active fitness instructor, I knew being active was only one element of a healthy lifestyle. I wanted to improve my overall quality of life. Once I made the commitment to truly be kind to myself, becoming a Health Coach was a natural fit. I have love and passion for fitness, health, and coaching and I want to share it with everyone.  I’m committed to supporting and empowering my clients, looking at all aspects of their lives in order to change patterns, habits and behaviors contributing to their health and well-being.

Are you ready to commit to yourself? 

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The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

Benevolent Heart Fit came to be because of my belief that living your best life begins and ends with kindness; being kind to yourself on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  My desire is to help you be kinder to yourself through your health, fitness and wellness journey.  

This is the foundation of the Benevolent Heart Fit. 

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